Don’t Download the AMEX Centurion App (FOR NOW)!

Gary over at the View from the Wing just posted about the new and exclusive “Centurion” at 1 Vanderbilt. It looks fabulous and all but I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to the app situation.

Well it appears that many people are downloading the Centurion app from the play store thinking that it will grant them access to reservations. But reality could be that this app is just trying to spoof people into providing their AMEX login details.

Looking at the contact details at the bottom of the app, made it seem not so official to me especially given the number of failed login attempts by readers.

Comments on Gary’s post note that no one can login as of yet and that there is no iOS app available. This all seems a bit fishy to be honest because this is a perfect way for a hacker to get loads of AMEX login details in a hurry before they get pulled from the play store. I’m not saying that’s the case here, but please do be aware that this is a possibility in certain circumstances.

Anyway my point is beware of downloading apps without reading the information portions of the page. You could easily be giving away personal information for no reason to a stranger!


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