New Life, New Beginnings, and New Readers?

Hello there Boardingarea readers! Welcome to, a blog about a bunch of vegetarian teetotalers’ excursions across the world. It’s been a rather grueling few weeks at Grabamile with my recent move to Dallas, work, and long days in business school (did I mention I’m getting an MBA at UT Dallas?). And since Sasidhar, is over in Europe for the next fortnight, I’m pretty much sailing the ship by myself. So please bare with me as I try to make it worth your while to read this blog. Expect to see lots and lots of reviews and pictures of the places we’ve been. Of course I would love to hear back from you as the reader on what you want to hear more about! Please feel free to comment.

So what I have I been doing in the little down time I do have? I’ve been rather inspired by Michael Phelps to get my swimming gear back on. I did swim competitively back in the day (middle school), but not any more so I’m struggling to get the rhythm back, if that’s the proper phrase for it. I’ve also been enjoying the benefits of living in a large city once again. It’s been a while since my undergraduate days in Austin. On Sunday evening I went to a mesmerizing Shreya Ghoshal Concert at the Dallas Music Hall. I can’t tell you enough how much better she is to see in person.


Here are just a few clips from the concert (as a note: don’t be alarmed that I took a video, it was completely ok to do so):

If you haven’t heard of the name “Shreya Ghoshal” before, she’s definitely worth a look up on Youtube. Either you will love me for recommending it or hate me for wasting your time. Such is the way with life. 😀

I’ll stop rambling now.

Looking forward to interacting with more of you!



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