Focal Point: San Francisco, America’s Answer to Europe

Focal Point: San Francisco, America’s Answer to Europe

There’s little doubt that American cities lack the same character and history that their European counterparts possess. Though American culture is found around the world, there aren’t many cities in our country that are truly memorable in the same way that London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and other European cities are. Sure TV shows have popularized cities like Dallas, and Seattle, but are they really as unforgettable as walking on the streets of Florence or Vienna? When you think of truly unique cities in America, two stand out above them all: New York and San Francisco. Just like there are no other cities like New York, there are none like San Francisco.  It checks all the boxes required to be a city that is not forgettable:

a bridge with a city in the background

An iconic cityscape as well as an eclectic mix of Victorian and modern architecture:

a row of houses in a city

Neighborhoods with foreign culture and signs of the American melting pot.
A unique natural setting, accentuated by the Pacific coast and the hills on which the city sits on:

a bridge over water with city in the background


San Francisco really stands out as the cultural capital of the American West. It blends American modernism with the West Coast’s rugged and hilly landscapes, and does it (go figure) all with a bit of European flair. It really is one of America’s answers to Europe.

I went on a bit of a rant here, but those are some of the images I captured this weekend in San Francisco. It was unusually sunny and cold throughout the weekend, making for a rather less moody SF cityscape. However, it most certainly was for me and shall be for most, a very accessible getaway from a drab life in the suburbs of a forgettable city 🙂

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How would you rank American cities? Stay tuned for a trip report and reviews of both the Fairmont SF, and the Intercontinental SF.




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