Focal Point: 6 Pictures from the Barns of Grand Teton National Park

Focal Point: 6 Pictures from the Barns of Grand Teton National Park

The TA Moulton Barn is the iconic symbol of Jackson Hole and is perhaps the most photographed barn in the entire world. Just a glimpse of the abandoned farmhouse with its drastic mountainous backdrop is absolutely jaw dropping and truly represents the true magnificence of America’s Wild West.

The barn and the adjacent abandoned homestead are located inside the Grand Teton National Park, in area called the Antelope Flats. Finding the area isn’t very difficult and is just a turning off of the main highway to Yellowstone (Wyoming 191) . And so when I ventured there recently, I feared the worst: crowds of people trying to take selfies in front of the barn. However to my absolute delight, I found that there was absolutely no one there. Below are just some of the images I have captured during a recent sunset.

The scenes can be best described as being straight out of an Ansel Adams photograph:


Photography Tips:

The best time to visit is at either golden hour: sunrise or sunset, and trying to focus on the other barns will serve you well if you would like to capture your unique snapshot. Here is the location:

Have you been to the famous TA Moulton Barn? What’s your favorite place in Grand Teton National Park?

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