Is the Qatar Airways QSuite better than First Class?

Lately, airlines have been increasingly innovative with their business class seats, and have been shooting themselves in the leg by offering a First Class. I always felt that Singapore Airlines Business Class Seat was as good as its first class one so its nice to see some differentiation going on …

Air India Lounge Delhi T3 – The Best of Air India is on the ground?!

We arrived at the New Delhi airport within 20 minutes from the Hyatt Regency New Delhi. While the low cost airlines (IndiGo and SpiceJet) operate their domestic services out of the Terminal 1, Air India operates all of its services out of Terminal 3. This is a game changer because …

Escape the Cold: Kaanapali Beach

Ahead of the release of my Hawaii Travel Tapes Episode , I thought it was appropriate to post one of the finest pictures I have ever taken, during one of the most epic sunsets I have ever witnessed. I know the worst of winter seems to be already over for …

Hotel Review: The Hyatt Regency New Delhi

It’s tough for a hotel to live up to an experience like the Taj Lake Palace in every aspect. However, full service hotels in India are still extraordinarily good by global standards. All go as far as saying nothing beats Indian hospitality 🙂 

The Crowded Centurion Lounge – Vegas: Good Food, Gross Showers

I recently visited the American Express Centurion Lounge in Las Vegas after a 3 night camping trip in Death Valley National Park. I was in desperate need of a shower after a grueling amount of driving, hiking, and photography walks.

Escape the Chill: 5 Reasons to Visit Death Valley This Winter.

Sasidhar and I just came back from one of the most rewarding outdoor and photography experiences of our lives in Death Valley National Park. Words and pictures can’t do justice to the beauty of this rugged landscape.

The Best Hotel Stay Ever – Taj Lake Palace – Udaipur (PART 2)

Owing to just how much is going in and around the Taj Lake Palace, I decided to break apart the review into two parts. It also makes my rants more manageable for you guys because you don’t have to keep scrolling down. 

Focal Point: 12 Pictures of the Most Beautiful Lake in India

I thought I would take this opportunity to post some of my best pictures from Udaipur and the most beautiful lake I’ve been to in India. That is before I continue to rant about the Taj Lake Palace. Stay tuned for that, but in the mean time enjoy these snaps.