Focal Point: The Extremely Underrated & Beautiful Bazaars of India

Focal Point: The Extremely Underrated & Beautiful Bazaars of India

I’ve often heard travelers (including Indians) and photographers raving about the souks in the Middle East or the markets in Morocco. But never have I heard of a person raving let alone talking about the bazaars or farmers markets of India. So when I visited the Mehdipatnam Rythu Bazar (farmers market) in Hyderabad, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Quite frankly I was a little worried that I would go to a place where I stand out like a sore thumb and would be a target of camera swindlers.

I’m glad to say my fears were unjustified. What I ended up finding was an authentic, local, and old world experience. It was a place with no tourists or consequent overpriced goods. A place with the freshest and most colorful of produce. Most importantly it was a place where the vestibules of modernity rarely interfered. Well except for when the occasional phone rang or camera clicked. I may have contributed to some of that 🙂

This was a place where a Google Pixel or smartphone could shoot photo of the year!

people in a market with many people

After discovering this lively and safe traditional market, I returned the very next day with my DSLR to take even more pictures. The hustle and bustle of the market with its colored tents, vibrant vegetables, and interesting people are really a sight to behold. I could just spend an entire day here just people watching.

If you need models for pictures, this is a place where vendors encourage you to take pictures of them and their produce (some will even ask to have their picture taken). And If you don’t want to be bothered, you will be surprised to find it is hardly a struggle. Everything is business as usual here, and that’s really what makes it so great!

This is a place which is tough to justify with just words so here we go:

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that auto rickshaws, carrying the vegetables, will occasionally stroll through the gaps making it even more of a ridiculous scene. I would call this place India in a Nutshell 🙂

Bottom Line:

Sadly I couldn’t spend more than a couple of hours roaming the bazaars. While I’m extremely glad that tourists aren’t ravaging these relatively undisturbed marketplaces taking selfies, I do wonder why more people haven’t talked about it. In my opinion it decidedly points to the fact that India is an extremely underrated travel destination. It’s a democratic country with 18% of the world’s population, but barely more tourist arrivals than Singapore!

a table with numbers and text

Anyway if you are ever in India and are looking for a things to do, visit your nearest bazaar or farmer’s market. You will be sure to find a colorful place to people watch and maybe even enjoy some photography. It’s truly a local experience…..

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