Historic Floods Threaten Paris

Historic Floods Threaten Paris

One of the world’s most beloved cities is experiencing some epic flooding as the Seine River overflows. The last major flood to cause the Seine River to reach heights, it could see in the coming days, was back in 1910 when the river reached a height over 9m (normal height is around 4 m). The River has already reached around 6m as of this time and is expected to climb. The entire city has been placed on flood alert for the greater part of Thursday and Friday morning.

There are already some ridiculous images and tweets coming out of Paris at the moment:



I do hope it doesn’t turn out like 1910. After all, Europe already has a Venice

So how does this affect travel to and from the city? It’s needless to say check attraction timings, and weather before heading out.

1.)  Roads along the shores of the Seine and the area around the Eiffel Tower are now closed
2.)  Train stations located along the Seine River are now closed (including Saint-Michel Notre-Dame, Musée d’Orsay, and Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower)
3.) Lower part of the Louvre is closed and the Musee D’Orsay is preparing to close in case rising waters get worse
4.) It is possible that you will see rats in dry areas as the flood waters inundate their homes.
5.) All Seine River tours and ferries are shut down until at least the end of this week.
6.) Airports and the major train stations continue to operate normally with some minor delays.

If you are in Paris stay safe, and stay dry. And as a photographer, I warn you that there is no amazing image that is worth more than your life. So don’t take any unnecessary risks!


P.S: Climate change is real and IS NOT fake news 🙂


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