Cryptic Messages From Virgin Australia about a BIG DEAL Coming Up

I woke up this morning to a very odd email from Virgin Australia’s Velocity Frequent Flyer program. If it weren’t for all the graphics and interesting spin to the email, I would actually think it is some kind of spam message from the competition saying the Velocity program is a waste. So apparently I’m not supposed to transfer ANY points to Velocity before May 1, when they will make a BIG announcement. 

Here’s how the email was laid out:

I know what you are thinking: “there’s 1 minute of my life I’m not getting back.” So it begs us to ask: what is this huge announcement that demands they let us know proactively in this loooong message that change is coming ? Hopefully they are honest enough to not call a devaluation an enhancement (I’m looking at you Delta and United ). Overall, I’ll be interested to see what the build up is but I’m not sure it will affect me much.

Stay tuned for the decoded message on May 1.The airline certainly needs a win here after they lost Air New Zealand as a partner.

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