Amazing Norway Fjord Cruise Experience & Video

Amazing Norway Fjord Cruise Experience & Video

Having done a proper Norwegian Fjord Cruise last time and a cruise down Miford Sound in New Zealand (more recently), I thought it was quite unnecessary to spend the big bucks on an all day cruise through the fjords once again. Hence, I chose the option to take a shorter 2.5 hour Fjord cruise from Gudvangen to Kaupanger. 

The cruise cost 1275 NOK (~$156) for A Car + driver + 4 passengers. and tickets can be purchased ahead of time on the Visit Flam website right here. Also DO NOT make the mistake I made and purchase 1 Car + 4 travelers because the car package w/ 1 traveler includes the driver + 4 passengers. A gentleman at the ferry terminal said that I should receive a refund for the remaining balance, but I’m still trying to sort that issue out. 

The weather was absolutely perfect all the way along and the boat was fairly uncrowded. Combining the fjord cruise experience with driving was certainly the ideal blend for me because I could sit back and enjoy the cruise, while pulling over and taking pictures on the drive back. I would highly recommend that everyone have a good mix of both because Norway is best explored when you are able to go off the beaten paths or should I say waters. I’m personally not a fan of cruises because I’m a photographer (especially midday cruises). It’s both hard to send up a drone on a boat and setup a tripod on a moving vessel. However, I did really enjoy the photography challenge on this particular cruise because I had learned my lessons on what to shoot and what not to shoot from past experiences. This was certainly one of the finest fjord cruises I have ever done.

Anyway traditionally I have given extensive walkthroughs of my ferry rides and car trips, but this time I thought I would throw in a video on my Vlog with scenes and pictures from the day cruise on the UNESCO Naeroyfjord. That can be quite a bit of scrolling and reading for anyone visiting the blog so I decided to put together this video to consolidate the adventure at one place.

Please excuse my lack of energy at the start of the vlog, I had just woken up from a 8 hour slumber (after 4 days of no sleep). 

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Have you done a Norwegian Fjord Cruise before? What was your experience like?

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