91 KM of Driving Heaven

After my Norwegian Fjord Cruise, I was eager to explore the town of Kaupanger and the Northwestern region of Norway. However, jet lag began to creep in and my family started falling asleep one after the other. Figuring that it wasn’t safe to be driving through tunnels with a car full of sleeping people and a driver who hadn’t slept in a couple of days 🙂 
a map of a road

The 1 hour 49 min drive from Kaupanger to Nystuen should be considered one of the most beautiful drives to do in Norway especially on a summer evening. While most of Western Norway is riddled with ridiculously long tunnels (like the one seen in my last vlog post), this route is largely comprised of winding roads and beautiful mountain passes.  

a city next to a body of water

While my family objected to taking the longer route between the two points on the map initially (they didn’t want to go through more tunnels), they were totally mesmerized by the beauty of Norway’s fjords and alpine lakes.

The route starts off with a ferry crossing from Kaupanger and proceeds along a road hugging the Sognefjord. It continues over a mountain pass and enters the lower edge of the Jotunheimen National Park where the scenery appears more classic Icelandic than Norwegian. Anyway I can continue to rant on, but here is my latest Vlog episode, which features this drive.

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I understand that not all of you have the time to watch the video so here are all the scenes captured on that first day on this drive. Stay tuned for more with the Norway Trip Report, which is coming up very soon. 

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