Focal Point: The Extremely Underrated & Beautiful Bazaars of India

I’ve often heard travelers (including Indians) and photographers raving about the souks in the Middle East or the markets in Morocco. But never have I heard of a person raving let alone talking about the bazaars or farmers markets of India. So when I visited the Mehdipatnam Rythu Bazar (farmers …

Focal Point: Golkonda Fort (Dol Guldur & the Origin of the Koh-i-Noor Diamond)

Golkonda Fort sits on a 390 foot granite hill, 7 miles outside the centre of Hyderabad, India. The fort dates back to 14th century and was considered impenetrable for almost three centuries before its fall to Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1687 at which point it was pillaged and looted. 

Intro-Trip Report: Incredible India

I visit my mom’s side of the family in India during Christmas every year. For the most part my visits are limited to just two Indian cities: Hyderabad and New Delhi.