Focal Point: 12 Pictures of the Most Beautiful Lake in India

I thought I would take this opportunity to post some of my best pictures from Udaipur and the most beautiful lake I’ve been to in India. That is before I continue to rant about the Taj Lake Palace. Stay tuned for that, but in the mean time enjoy these snaps. 

Focal Point: 13 Pictures of Aruba

  With it’s windswept white sand beaches, unique semi-desert landscape, and year round perfect weather, Aruba ranks as one of my favourite beach destinations so far.  While I was there on a family vacation, I got some time to go out early mornings to take some pictures of this beautiful …

Focal Point: 6 Pictures from the Barns of Grand Teton National Park

The TA Moulton Barn is the iconic symbol of Jackson Hole and is perhaps the most photographed barn in the entire world. Just a glimpse of the abandoned farmhouse with its drastic mountainous backdrop is absolutely jaw dropping and truly represents the true magnificence of America’s Wild West.