What to do if you have problems transferring Membership Rewards

Update: This issue has been resolved. If you come up with this error message, please call the Platinum Card Customer Service @ 1-800-525-3355 and go through the automated system to verify your card information and transfer points. Agents seem to be having the same trouble as customers so make sure to go through the automated system. 

What a frustrating experience with Membership Rewards this morning! I was just trying to book my flights from Singapore back to India when I came up with this error message:


At the same time, my brother Sasidhar was also trying to book his flight to Europe this summer via Aeroplan and came up with the same message.

He actually called Membership Rewards to transfer his points over on the phone and they put him through 2 hours of ping pong (bouncing him between departments) before finally saying they could not arrive at a resolution. 

And so as of this moment the transfers to Krisflyer and Aeroplan aren’t happening. I hope AMEX fixes this fast because we really need to book our tickets.

Mark this as developing……


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