APPROVED! Chase 100k Sapphire Reserve Offer

chase sapp rese

I am sure by now everyone knows about the hottest, most hyped card in town: the Chase Sapphire Reserved.  Here is a quick rundown of why it is so hot:

  • 100,000 Ultimate Rewards Points offer with only $4,000 spend – This is almost double the best Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) Card offer out there (50-55k) and the spend requirement is quite attainable.
  • It is a Visa Infinite Card – one of the few available in the US.  This means 3x on travel and dining which is really nice (CSP is only 2x).
  • Booking through Ultimate Rewards Portal gives you $1.5 per point (vs CSP’s $1.25)
  • $300 annual travel credit – Note that this applies to “airfare and hotels” which is fairly unprecedented.
  • Access to LHR (Luxury Hotels and Rewards) Collection – another Visa Infinite benefit. This is similar to Amex FHR if you’re familiar with Membership Rewards
  • There are other valuable benefits as well – full Details available here

So anyway, this morning, I saw the post by View from the Wing and after some initial hesitation about the lack of a landing page, I decided to jump on the offer for my wife.  Although I personally have blown past the 5/24 limit, my wife has only had 3 cards in the past 24 months.  So, I was hopeful that she would get approved.

Of course, I got the dreaded “We need to review your application a little longer” page.   Undeterred, I called the Chase Reconsideration Line (888-245-0625) and was instantly approved.  They didn’t ask me any questions other than some basic identity verification questions.

I was on hold for a grand total of 2 mins before the rep told me: “Congratulations!  You have been approved.  You are eligible to receive 100k points after spending $4,000 in 3 months.” I was relieved to hear this since it matched what I read online.

I wanted to apply for myself as well but I decided to resist my greed.  Honestly, I would most probably get rejected and even if I were approved it would add unnecessary pressure to meet the spend.

PS I also requested them to expedite the shipping and they arranged it so that it would arrive by Wednesday.  Since I’m travelling on a long trip next week (more details coming up in future posts) , I was extremely glad to be having this in my wallet.

Anyway, I just wanted to write this post to reassure those of you who applied before the landing page was live.


    1. Sasidhar

      Heh. My wife was upstairs. And, as it were, I didn’t need to call her. Our names are fairly rare and people generally can’t tell our gender based on our names.

      I’m guessing the lady thought I was the applicant. I admit I didn’t try hard to disabuse her of that notion 😉

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