Jet Airways Pilot flies Plane without License and Erases Records to Cover it Up

I’m not sure any particular aviation industry gets worse PR than the Indian Aviation industry. For a while there, there were all sorts of close calls between planes and then there was Air India with it’s trifecta of issues with the FA flying the plane, the rats, and finally letting drunk pilots keep their jobs.. They seemed to have fixed that, but now we have are having all sorts of issues with pilots?!

I guess it’s officially Jet Airways time for bad publicity now. According to the Times of India, a pilot without a license flew a plane and then proceeded to cover it up by erasing his name off the flight records! Well it seems that they luckily caught him, but it begs the question as to what the Indian Government is doing to assure that everyone that shouldn’t be flying a plane don’t.

We don’t now yet what the punishment will be for this ghost pilot, but I’m looking forward and hoping for Arnab Goswami to have a field day with this 😀

Here are just a few of his rather rowdy, out of control chats he has had with the “experts.” It’s absolutely entertaining to watch in clips and annoying to listen to because after a point they aren’t discussing things anymore, they are yelling lol


What do you think of the state of Indian Aviation? What needs to be done?

And most importantly what do you think of Arnab Goswami? 😀

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  1. While the idea that you could pilot a fighter plane without possessing a pilot’s license might sound silly and dangerous, it’s neither; at least, not when you have an experienced fighter pilot serving as your copilot in a plane with dual controls.

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