Wanderlust, a Poem about my current state of being….


It’s the middle of the semester and I can’t help but feel the need to just head to the airport and just go somewhere. That’s anywhere, but here. I thought that moving to Dallas would mean I get to travel more, but it has been quite the opposite. In fact, I haven’t been anywhere outside of Texas since July! All I can do is dream on, and enjoy Texas sunrises.

Anyway stay tuned for a bunch of trip reports and here is a picture and a poem in the mean time. Oh how I wish I could be here:




Journeys are black holes,
Even Light’s nails are screeching, trying to get away.
For what match is a mere mortal?
Futile are his attempts to stay.
Unpleasant are the wolves in his heart,
which only desire adventure and making him a stowaway.
They threaten to break away unless –
he succumbs to lust and wanders from his own driveway.

He speaks with his Reason which only questions:
Payday is still far away.
How can he afford a getaway?
His Passion, having eavesdropped on the conversation,
subjects Reason every day to excruciation.
His Reason just said no –
always imagining an emaciated pocketbook.
It continually engages his wolves in mind play and swordplay.
However, it soon finds itself on its knees –
Begging for parley.

But his wolves were not ones for mercy,
He was forced onto the jet way, their eyes like torches at his back.
Even reason knew there was no point in resistance.
He became one with the fire with little hesitance.
He now tasted true exuberance, the feeling Germans called—

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