Air India Passenger Finds Cockroach in Meal

It’s Air India in the news once again guys! I mentioned before just how sad it is the kind of press Air India gets. First there was the FA flying the plane, then the incident about the rats, the pilot flying the plane into coffin corner, and then letting drunk pilots keep their job. This time apparently a passenger found a cockroach in his vegetarian meal.

Apparently a journalist: Mr. Rahul Raghuvanshi from Boston tweeted the following:


All I’ve got to say is “yuck!” As a fellow vegetarian, who enjoys in flight dining now and then, I can’t imagine how jaded I would be after such an incident. I wrote about earlier how my dad’s experience makes me want to try out Air India, but this incident kind of just makes me take a step back. I can’t imagine the number of such incidents that just haven’t reached our ears just because he or she isn’t as big of journalist or social media person as Mr. Raghuvanshi.

What have your experiences been like with Air India? Have you heard about things like this that have not flooded social media?


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