5 Shades of the House of Cards

I thought it was only appropriate that I close out this week with my favorite pictures of the U.S Capitol building in Washington DC, and some of my best pictures of the city. As time has passed, I have begun to call it by another name: The House of Cards 🙂

I usually like to look at these photos while listening to the House of Cards theme playing in the background so I’ll extend that courtesy to you. Here is a YouTube video with the audio (the awesome time lapses would be distracting)

You are all set to go, enjoy!

No. 1: Sunrise at the House of Cards

teja-help-1-41The Capitol Reflecting Pool is located at the far end of the National Mall, across from the Washington Monument. It is featured in many movies, shows, and documentaries and is perhaps the iconic sight in Washington other than the front of the White House. Golden Hour at this location is one of the must see sights in Washington.

No. 2: The Last Breath of Fall

dsc04757-editIn the fall, Washington DC is adorned with colour. Nothing exemplifies this more than the view of the U.S Capitol down New Jersey Ave from the D Street intersection.

No.3: Pennsylvania Ave Never Sleeps
dsc04673No portfolio of Capitol pictures is complete without taking in the views of the U.S Capitol down Pennsylvania Ave as cars pass by.

No. 4: Sunrise at Peace Circle

dsc04737-edit-2Peace Circle, at the end of Pennsylvania Ave opposite the White House, is yet another great place to take in the breathtaking fall colors as the sun rise over the U.S Capitol.

No. 5: The Iconic House of Cards

dsc04676This last picture requires no introduction, and you hopefully already know why 🙂

Note: All the pictures in this post were taken with a Sony A7ii and a 16-35 mm Sony Vario-Tessar Lens 

What are your favorite places to take pictures in Washington DC? And what time of year is your favorite for the hobby?

Here’s to hoping Trump isn’t Underwood 😉

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