President Trump and What that Means for You.

Congratulations to Donald Trump as he is now pretty much assured to be the 45th President of the United States. Tomorrow we will wake up to a brave new world as we begin to bid farewell to President Obama and welcome the new administration.


As the world adjusts to the new Trump led free world, we have to face certain realities in the short term as travelers. Here is a repost of all that means for you as a traveller:

  • A weaker dollar – Your dollar will be worth less around the world.
  • Increased Oil Prices – The price of oil will likely spike making travel inadvertently more expensive.
  • More problems getting visas/travel papers – Given Trump’s rhetoric about certain regions, we may see some interesting consequences and perhaps longer processing times for certain visas and immigration papers.
  • Longer airport security lines – If Trump really considers firing certain TSA workers.
  • And, finally, a spike in airfares to Canada – when hordes of White Walkers Americans run to cross the Wall to the North (or rather fly over it)  Check out Air Canada’s tongue-in-cheek Ad about our plight.

It certainly looks like the world financial markets have already turned into a tailspin. I am not certain as to what will happen (no one is), but we should always appreciate the democratic process in this already great nation.

Sorry for the repost, but I do hope that the last three points are not realities. Wishing him only the best and moving on to the next travel story 😀 .

What are your thoughts on an upcoming Trump presidency? 



  1. Joe

    The great thing is if you’re a sexual predator who loves to berate women, you now have a country that is perfect for you to visit.
    For the rest of the civilized society – US is now off the visiting list for at least the next 4 years.

    1. USAJerry

      The most important thing about a Trump presidency is that it will be a nice change from the left-wing extremism and lawlessness that Americans have had to put up for the last eight years.

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