Instagramming Boarding Pass = Bad Idea!

I’ve said for a long time to everyone that boarding passes should be shredded after usage. A lot of us just toss them in the bin at hotels, or leave them in the seat back pocket after the flight. So beware of leaving any unattended boarding passes lying around after your flight.

Well the Verge just spilled the beans on how easy it is to retrieve your personal information using just a picture of your boarding pass (mainly the bar code portion). With a simple snip of the bar code, a hacker could easily arrive at your frequent flyer number, credit card information, and more.

Below is a brief snippet of the video mentioned. If you have time I would watch the entire video, it is quite the “infotainer” for people within our hobby.

I’ll admit that I’ve left my boarding passes in quite a few places recently. So good look finding them 🙂

Do you properly dispose your boarding passes? Are you guilty of instagramming your boarding pass?

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