Focal Point: 6 Pictures of Lake Como

Focal Point: 6 Pictures of Lake Como

Invalid request error occurred.Lake Como has been the vacationing home of the aristocrats and famous long before George Clooney’s wedding (actually since the time of the Romans). Not only is the lake spectacular due to its positioning next to the Italian Alps, but also due to the prestigious towns and villages along the lake shores. In my opinion, it quite possibly is the world’s most beautiful lake.

Introduction: A Week in Italy
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Villa La Perla Di Sonenga Panoramica, Menaggio, Italy
The Park Hyatt Milan
Focal Point: The Towns of Lake Como
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Crowne Plaza Milan City Centre
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The most famous of Lake Como’s towns are: Varenna, Bellagio, and Menaggio. Getting to the towns is a cinch given that there are ferries running between them almost every 15 minutes and because of quick rail access to Varenna right from Milano Centrale. While we stayed in Menaggio for the entirety of our stay in the Lake Como Villa, we returned back to visit the other Lake Como villages on our last day in Italy (before we departed from Milan). No number of pictures could do Lake Como justice, but here is a glimpse of our day on Lake Como:

If you are in Milan, you really shouldn’t miss out on what many consider to be the best of Italy. Oh and one more quick tip: the ferry rides are great opportunities for pictures of the towns. Don’t catch yourself sitting inside the boat cabin unless it’s absolutely pouring of course.

Lake Como Transportation Tips/Information:
  • Ferry Tickets can be bought right at the terminals. Yes they do accept credit cards (Visa and Mastercard)
    • Roundtrips between villages cost approximately ~10 Euros/person (roundtrip),
    • A Day Pass costs 15 Euros/person (Unlimited Ferry Rides) 
  • Train Tickets can be bought online at Trenitalia or at the local train stations (All types of credit cards are accepted)
    • Be aware that in some instances you cannot buy train tickets online with a foreign credit card so you may be better off going to the train station.
    • Milano-Centrale to Varenna Essino takes around 1 hour and costs ~15 Euros roundtrip. 
    • Trains depart Milano-Centrale 20 minutes past the hour on an hourly basis.

Have you ever been to Lake Como? What do you consider to be the best of Italy?



  1. jason_111

    The photos are nice, but the colors look terrible. Please keep the colors the original ones so that it is easier to see what it actually looks like instead of the awful saturated blue skies. If you want to adjust the colors please take a course on how to do it properly.

    1. Teja

      Thanks for commenting, I understand what you are referring to on that. The compression tool is probably responsible for the odd looking skies. In order for the page to load fast enough there are certain guidelines that need to be met unfortunately. I’ll post a link to the originals shortly. They look nothing like that.

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