My 17 Best Pictures from 2017

My 17 Best Pictures from 2017

2017 was a landmark year for me in many different ways: I got a MBA, completed an internship at a reputed travel company (and won their case competition), visited 10 countries for the first time, and flew over 100,000 miles (despite being a full time student). 2017 will always hold a special place in my heart for all these reasons plus Roger Federer getting back to his winning ways. Quite honestly, let me be frank, that was the best part about it.

During these travels and adventures I have managed to not only hone my award booking skills, but also drastically improve my photography skills. And oh yeah it also taught me a lot about what places to avoid at what times.

Here are what I consider to be my greatest photos, from a year which I will likely never best in my entire life. As always I would very much appreciate a comment or a follow on my Instagram account (if you really like my work). 

It took me a while to put this album together so forgive me for releasing this set of pictures, 10 days into the new year. Here’s to hoping for an epic 2018!


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