My Hyatt Free Night is Expiring this Weekend. What should I do?

My Hyatt Free Night is Expiring this Weekend. What should I do?

One of the best perks of the Hyatt Chase Credit Card (generic link – I do not get any commission) is the annual free night and I’ve kept my card because the annual free night always seemed worth it to me.

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So I may have overlooked something in the midst of all my traveling. I have an annual Hyatt free night which is expiring this Saturday, and I don’t know what to do. I’ve already called World of Hyatt a couple of times and they refuse to make any exceptions on extending the validity of this award.

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Sometimes we are not so rational with our thinking in the miles and points world when we decide to make trips, just to use up free nights and perks. This is not to mention sometimes you have to do stuff that is not so convenient to get to use these perks. That’s why I just wanted to ask you guys what I should do in this scenario. It certainly keeps me in check.

My current options are as follows:

  1.  Stay at a local Hyatt hotel in Dallas – I could do this easily, but I prefer my house and I don’t have Explorist (formerly Diamond) status
  2. Go to San Francisco and stay at the Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf (the only property in SF which is available for annual free night). That would cost me:
    • 20,000 Avios
    • Rides to/from DFW Airport
    • My National Free Rental Car Certificate
  3. Drive to Austin and use it a Hyatt property there. That would cost me:
    • Gas ~$30
    • 6 hours of time to/from driving
  4. Let it go and forget about spending more just to use it.
  5. I could ask a relative or someone else to use it, but I believe it isn’t transferable.

What do you guys think I should do? Am I crazy about thinking about doing a trip to San Francisco just to use it??!





  1. You can book it and have a friend or family member listed as the second person in the room. Call and make sure they know this and that they have the other person’s name on record. When your friend or family member checks in, s/he says you are delayed and showing up later. The rest is history . . .

  2. Amit

    Call the rep and ask they still offer 10k points for expired Cat 1-4 annual night. I did that 6 months ago. There are certain criteria but if you fit then they will credit 10k points for expired night.

  3. Gene Gibbs

    If you are working towards 2018 Hyatt status, use it at the nearest hotel in Dallas to earn a qualifying night. This approach didn’t make sense before Hyatt began counting all nights as qualifying, but now you should use for this purpose at a minimum.

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