Why I absolutely love Air New Zealand short-haul flights!

I recently came back from my second trip to marvelous Middle Earth, and I just wanted to comment on how much I loved not only the great drives through it, but also the flights over it. I’ll have a full trip report out soon about my trip, but I just wanted to comment on how I have a rather irrational affinity for Air New Zealand’s domestic flights:

Here’s why:

It’s not just because they have cookie time cookies on board (fyi: you should save and heat it up later before eating it)



They have some of the most unique inflight safety videos of any airline:

I guess they couldn’t get Morgan Freeman to do it 🙂 

They have lovely trivia questions playing on the overhead screens whereas other airlines just bore you with ads or some movie you’ve already watched (photo credit:CHRONICLE KAI):



The above average seat pitch (JetStar has only 29 inches), non-slimline seating, and snack service even on 1.5 hour flights across this not so large nation:


And of course there is absolutely gorgeous scenery you can see out the window:

Out of Queenstown (going to Auckland):

Out of Christchurch (going to Melbourne) not specific to Air New Zealand, but you are more likely to see it on one of their flights. 

Arriving in Christchurch (from Auckland):

I’ve never tried Air New Zealand’s long haul flights, but I absolutely love their domestic and even Trans-Tasmanian services.
How do you guys feel about Air New Zealand?



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