World’s Most Beautiful Country – First to Integrate Drones into its ATC?

Switzerland is looking to become the first country to integrate drones into its air traffic control. Recent years have seen many landscape lovers to video tape the world’s most beautiful vistas with drones despite the risky nature of flying them in areas where other flights are conducted. Here is just one of those videos:

It’s always nice seeing a country taking a progressive view toward drone usage (unlike the United States where blanket areas are restricted airspace). Instead of shutting down opportunities for photographers and commercial videographers, Switzerland is attempting to legalize their usage by putting the proper controls in place. This is especially encouraging given that there are places in Zurich and Geneva where I would love to fly the drone, but are currently restricted. We should applaud this decision and hope that more countries look to increase security measures for drones rather than restricting them altogether.

Having said this, I’m sick and tired of hearing about drones lurking into restricted airspace (especially near airports). Unfortunately, “one bad apple spoils the bunch.” And so if you are a drone operator, I encourage you to be aware of where you are flying and know that you can potentially ruin things for everyone. Don’t forget to consult the maps available online:

This will certainly be one more thing to love about Switzerland.


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