CPK Devalues Pizza Dough Rewards Program!

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) has offered one of the most lucrative reward programs on the market for the past 16-18 months. The program was setup to where you could earn $10 in CPK Cash (Pizza Dough Rewards) for every 3 visits or $100 spent. Unfortunately, that will no longer be the case as of April 24, 2018 when members are transitioned to a “new” program. I’ve been receiving emails for the past couple of months talking about this new program, but have not heard any specific details until this morning:

There still aren’t full details on this program, but it turns out that they are very clearly removing the best benefit: 10% cash back or $10 after 3 visits. Good thing is that CPK providing a good amount of advance notice, and isn’t pitching the new program as an “enhancement.” As far as I know Panera Bread is probably the only other chain with relatively healthy food and a rewards program. Of course they’ve also gutted their program over the years (you aren’t even sure what reward will get loaded into your account).

Being a vegetarian, CPK is one my favorite places to eat out with relatively reasonable prices for a chain (especially with their lunch duos). They have a very good selection of soups, salads, drinks, and of course desserts and I’ve found to be consistent across the board as opposed to the other large chains.

From the looks of it the new program will dial it down to 5% cash back for every $100 purchased at CPK without the 3 visit parameter. I will let you know the specifics here pretty soon.

You can join the Pizza Dough Rewards here and get a free appetizer (NOT an affiliate link). If you regularly visit, I would reel in those cash back credits now before the program changes. 

I guess all good things must come to an end. The existing program was probably way too lucrative for regular visitors like myself. I will let you know the full details of the new program once I hear more.


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