Lounge Review: American Admiral’s Club Boston Gate B30

There are actually two Admiral’s Clubs in Terminal B at Boston Logan Intl Airport, I believe the larger one is located at B4 while the smaller one is near B30. The larger of the two lounges is actually closed right now for renovation. Many of you might remember it as the old US Airways Club, which was need of some refurbishment badly from what I hear.

The lounge was completely empty when I made my way to the airport, and it was right next to my gate so I thought: why not visit? At the time I still had my AA Citi Executive Card, which granted me access. The lounge is also available to Oneworld Partner Emerald Members (not Oneworld Emerald through AA)  and Admiral’s Club Members of course. 

The lounge features a great assortment of seating options, a bar, and a kids play area. along with large windows looking out at the runways at Logan Airport. It certainly looked to be one of the largest AA Admiral’s club, which was not located at a hub airport.

The meal options at this lounge were fairly decent for breakfast with cereal, pastries, oatmeal. bagels, fruit, and yogurt. This was definitely a bit better than what I am used to seeing at other domestic U.S airline lounges, though many have improved as of late. There was also a very decent coffee machine to create your own beverage, which I hadn’t seen before in the out station lounges.

It was obviously too early for the bar to be operational, but it looked like a nice area, and I’ve certainly heard only good things about the bar.

Anyway I barely had the chance to go through the lounge once before it was time to board my flight back to Dallas. I apologize if I missed anything. I’m sure my readers will cover it if I did 🙂

BTW: It was an absolute beautiful day to fly and I got to see some amazing light as we took off from Boston as well as before landing in DFW.

From the Swiss Countryside to the Texas Countryside in a weekend! That pretty much caps the trip report aspect of my brief weekend jaunt to Switzerland. Stay tuned for my “complete guide” to Switzerland series which is coming up here in a few days.

Bottom Line: The Admiral’s Club at Boston Logan Airport is certainly a lounge worth visiting if you meet the entry requirements (AA Executive Cardholder, OW Emerald, Intl Premium Cabin Ticket). It was spacious, comfortable, and had some decent breakfast items for a quick nibble. There is also a shower or two that you can use to tidy up before your flight out. Overall, definitely one of the better AA Admiral’s Clubs. Heck I might like this more than the ones in Phoenix, which is actually an AA hub!

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