New Vlog Post is Up: What I Do When I Am NOT Traveling.

For the past 4-5 months or so, I’ve been pretty much doing nonstop travel for work, photography, family, and pretty much any reason you can think of. This has pretty much made me rather unfit and lackadaisical. Despite paying for fitness club membership, I never make it to to the gym. Though I have a bike sitting in my garage, I never pull it out for a spin. And whenever I think of going out and doing photography in far flung places, I just end up editing from my treasure trove of backlogged pictures. And finally when I come up to type up these blog posts, I just end up catching up on the work I should’ve finished off before I thought of doing any of this.

So a week ago I set out to change all of that and develop a routine, which hopefully would include 1 or 2 hours of workout time within a day and NO photography to keep me from falling further behind. Well so far I’m a failure on all counts. Can’t help but feel that I’m stuck in a rut right now of my own making. I hope this video is just the first step to catching up and relating all those exciting/not so exciting travel stories I’ve had this summer:


Anyway I apologize for ranting, stay tuned for some more meaningful travel episodes from Norway on this channel. Please comment/like/dislike/subscribe on the video, I would very much like to hear a piece of your mind 🙂

Ever have that feeling that you are just sinking more and more into workload of your own making? How do you deal with it? 


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