Deal Alert: STAR ALLIANCE/SKYTEAM London – Atlanta/Portland for ~$1700 in Business

United and Delta seem to be competing on business class flights out of London to Atlanta and Portland Oregon. Prices for the winter and spring travel seasons coming up are around $1700 roundtrip, which is as low as I have seen it as of late. There are a multitude of dates available on Google Flights if you do a simple search and you can possibly earn enough miles on this route to bring the fare down even further, relatively speaking.


Again this is not ideal for those of us living in the US, but it could serve as a launching point for your European excursions this coming winter and spring seasons. I just recently took advantage of a similar deal from Oslo – Chicago on KLM which helped me qualify for Delta Gold Medallion (whatever that’s worth nowadays).

London in the Haze of Arabic Sands

This is also a signal to you guys to be on the look out from here on for fares to/from Europe. As of late the best fares are happening from Europe – North America in business class. And so you will have to position yourselves using miles, but it may be worth the challenge because you at least get business on the flight back and the subsequent trip there.

Also please do remember that London is an ideal travel gateway, since you can use your BA Avios and take advantage of BA’s distance based award chart for flights within Europe. 

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