Photographing Norway’s Most Beautiful City (VLOG)

Photographing Norway’s Most Beautiful City (VLOG)

My second day in Norway consisted of some ridiculous reflections on the waterways in and around Bergen. Mornings can easily be some of the most enjoyable times to explore any city because the tourists haven’t woken up and the city is just coming alive as the locals get to work. It always seems like European cities are especially sleepy in the early morning hours and late evenings, which makes them ideal locations for photographers.

Bergen is easily Norway’s most charming ‘city’ with its blend of art nouveau architecture and modern Scandic design. It’s also the launching point for expeditions into the Norwegian Fjords, Hardangervidda National Park, and most of Western Norway. This video covers my morning out photographing an incredible morning.

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I’m going to miss this place #bergen #norway #sonyalpha

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