Deal Alert: Business Class Tickets to Europe for ~$1900 (ex-Dallas through 2019)

Just wanted to inform you guys that Delta has what appears to be a sale going on to Munich with business class tickets in the peak summer season pricing out to just under 1900 or around the mark. I’ve seen the deal out of Portland and Dallas, but Dallas seems to consistently have more dates compared to other cities. Also, I would try to call AMEX and see if the Intl Airline Program will price things down even further.

Check Google Flights for Availability 

Here is a sample itinerary out of DFW: 


This offer turned up just in time for my summer bookings. From Munich most destinations in Europe are only 8k miles, which can make it a great starting point for exploring. Not to mention the fact that Munich is in close proximity to beautiful Bavaria, Salzkammergut in Austria, and Switzerland. If you are looking for tickets from the U.S, I would jump on these because with the economy going the way it has, it’s been almost impossible to find these bargains out of the US.


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