Hidden in Plain Sight: One of Norway’s Most Beautiful Lakes

Hidden in Plain Sight: One of Norway’s Most Beautiful Lakes

Norway possesses some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and so there is a good reason for why those cruise ships and towns are packed like sardines during the summer months. I’m personally wary of photographing or visiting locations in the midst of my fellow tourists (I would be silly to think that I wasn’t one of them). The lucky thing is most visitors to Norway always seem to be part of a tour group or fjord cruise package. I say ‘lucky’ because those of us who rent a car, and decide to trudge through the seemingly never ending tunnels, are rewarded with areas of Norway which are less traversed. Lake Tyin near the Jotunheimen National Park is one such surprise. 

I covered the scenic drive from Kaupanger to Nystuen Norway in my last Vlog post. Well that wasn’t the last of that area for me because I went back to revisit some of those areas a day later. What I found was an area full of waterfalls and Icelandic landscapes.

Interestingly the area around Lake Tyin is considered to be one of the most developed regions in Norway when it comes to tourism. The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association (DNT for short) actually operates many tourist huts in the region for trekking in the Jotunheimen National Park. Surprisingly enough, the area looked abandoned for the most part during my visit to Norway in August. This made for a great day of photography away from the crowds flocking the usual viewpoints along the fjords. 

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I understand that not all of you have the time to watch the video so here are all the scenes captured on that morning along Lake Tyin. Stay tuned for more with the Norway Trip Report, which is coming up very soon.

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