Sydney in a Nutshell: A Photo Walk

Sydney in a Nutshell: A Photo Walk

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was in Sydney for a couple of days before heading to New Zealand. While I have been to Sydney before, I never really got the chance to explore parts of the city which were outside the area around the Park Hyatt Sydney. It’s not like Sydney as a city has much more to offer outside the harbor area (unlike Victorian Melbourne), but I still like to take in areas from different angles. 

a city at night with lights on the water

On a recent trip, I had exactly one morning to photograph the city, so I decided to head over to Milson’s Point for a “Sydney in a Nutshell” type view. I’m not sure what kept me going that morning. All signs pointed to me turning back. It was 10 minutes before sunrise (my preferred shooting time) and I was tired, jet lagged, and worst of all absolutely drenched by a thunderstorm.

Anyway I could just blabber on, or you could just take a look at my latest Sydney Vlog video and perhaps enjoy some images of this beautiful city.

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Even though Sydney isn’t known for its cold weather, this unusually crispy cool spring morning certainly made me shiver in my soaking jeans. But I was on a mission to capture at least one picture to add to my portfolio, after all you never know when you will get another chance to go to Sydney. And I would say my hard work was rewarded in the end: 


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