Quick Review: Delta SkyClub Concourse F @ Atlanta

I recently visited the Delta SkyClub in Concourse F at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport after flying in from Amsterdam. I needed a quick shower before my flight to DFW so I decided to stop by. The lounge itself is located just up a pair of escalators after coming through customs at ATL so it is fairly convenient for arriving passengers from international flights.  

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There are four ways to access the lounge: using your AMEX Platinum Card + same day Delta boarding pass, having SkyTeam ElitePlus status, having a DeltaOne boarding pass, or SkyClub membership.  I documented how I booked the amazing business class fare to India on Delta/KLM here in case you are wondering.

Since I hadn’t showered in over 24 hours, that was my number one priority. Luckily around 2pm the lounge seemed fairly empty on this particular Tuesday afternoon and there was no wait for the showers. There are a total of 8 shower rooms in this lounge which are located at the back of the lounge. The showers are well designed and water temperature/pressure were pretty good. 

After my shower, I had a quick look at the dining options and the rest of the lounge. The dining area featured some cookies, make your own pasta station, and some fresh vegetables at the salad station. There was also a bar which looked to be a step above what’s found at United Clubs and Admirals Clubs, but I don’t have a clue about alcohol quality. 

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There is a very nice outdoor seating area with views of the runway and operations at ATL. 

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The lounge is fairly large and has more than enough space for the passengers I saw on this particular day. There appeared to be even more space upstairs, but I didn’t get a chance to take a look. 

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A quick tour of the lounge was all I had time for on this particular visit and before I knew it I had to run to Concourse T for my flight to DFW. Atlanta Airport is designed so annoyingly that I nearly missed my flight back to Dallas. I guess I keep forgetting that not every airport is designed as well as DFW.

Bottom Line:

The Delta SkyClub is what would you would expect from a lounge operated by an US Airline. There are showers, snacks, drinks, and nice views of some planes. The food is definitely better than most domestic airline lounges and can definitely make for a small meal.  The design and aesthetics of the lounge are quite nice, but they are not as good as what you find at DFW’s Terminal A Admiral’s Club(review coming soon). This particular SkyClub is a step above the one I saw at DFW Airport, but that is hardly a comparison because this is Delta’s main base of operations.

All things said and done, the lounge is quite disappointing when compared to a United Polaris Lounge or an Admiral’s Flagship Lounge. As I mentioned before, we are yet to see what Delta can come up with to rival its US counterparts. At least the lounge isn’t crowded? Well not while I was there. 

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