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Hello again everyone! Just to reintroduce myself if you haven’t read any of my guest editorials previously. I am Maanasa, Teja’s little sister (who in recent posts has received a somewhat of a reputation for just watching Netflix on our trips. Yes I did read that my dear brother you aren’t slick.) But nevertheless I wanted to do something different this time around for the blog that hadn’t been done before. About a month ago I pitched the idea of writing a daily blog about our next trip as I thought it would give our readers a better day to day insight of how we travel as a family. I thought the perfect time to start these new blog posts would be our upcoming visit to Germany and Greece! So just to give you an overview I have broken down some of the places we plan on visiting this summer.

My brother found an awesome fare to Munich last May in Delta Business Class (~$1200 Round Trip). Even though he says that Delta Skymiles are worth next to nothing, we’ll be collecting many more of those in the coming year or so.


One of the first places we are visiting on this trip is Berchtesgaden National Park on the border between Austria and Germany. We were actually in the area known as Bavaria back in November and I had the chance to see the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle for the first time. I am not sure what to expect this time around but I am definitely excited to see the Alp scenery again!    

After spending a couple of nights in Germany we’ll be headed to Santorini on Lufthansa Economy. The flight is only 3 hours or so, but I can tell my brother is already dreading those slimline seats (1st world problems: we sure have it hard don’t we?).

Once we arrive in Greece, we’ll be spending 5 nights there in an AirBnB with our extended family. Though it lacks some amenities, the views are supposed to be amazing (more on that later).

To conclude our trip we head back to the U.S on Delta once again. Teja is also a bit excited about flying the Delta A220 so be on the lookout for his review 🙂

We have never been to Santorini before, so if you have any suggestions (food, shopping, attractions, etc.) I would love to hear from you!
Stay tuned for more to come…. 


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