Travel Photo of the Week: Big Bird and the Bonnets

Spring in Texas is a marvelous time to enjoy the great outdoors. The weather isn’t too hot, there are flowers everywhere, and few April showers can sure make for some serious drama in the images. This past weekend I headed over to the DFW Founders Plaza while dropping off a relative at the airport. My friend over at Andy’s Travel Blog mentioned that there was this “weirdest dense patch of bluebonnets” he had ever seen over by runway 18L. As soon as I heard this, I had to make an excuse to drop someone off at the airport.  I had been to this location a week before and the flowers hadn’t quite reached their full potential. Bluebonnets, after all, only last for a short period of time partly due to their seasonality of course and mostly because people seem to always trample them. (sigh). Anyway I got to the location early, set up my tripod, and spent a good 2 hours perfecting my shot and composition before the Qantas A380 made its way across the frame.

Luckily the wind was blowing in the right direction on that day for the plane to be in the path of the flowers and I came away with one of my favorite images of recent times:

Settings: ISO 100 | 55 mm | f 5.6 | 1/800 sec

Equipment: Sony A7R3 | Sony FE 55mm f/1.8 | Manfrotto BeeFree Tripod

DFW is one of my favorite airports for many reasons and this observation area is definitely one of them. How many of you have visited Founders Plaza?

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