Review: OSL Lounge @ Oslo-Gardermoen Airport

As I mentioned before, getting to Oslo Airport from the Radisson Blu is an absolute cinch. We just walked out the door and across the street to arrive inside the airport. Check in for our KLM flight to Amsterdam and beyond took no time and I honestly probably spent more time admiring the design of the airport more so than anything else. I have to say the place just looks beautiful with the wooden beams and modern glass. It really is the perfect blend of antiquity and modernness.

Business class passengers flying out of Oslo have access to the OSL Lounge on the second floor of the air side portion of the terminal. The OSL lounge is the one used by all carriers outside of the Star Alliance at Gardermoen. There are clear signs demarcating which way to go as soon as you take the elevator from the shops level. Oslo doesn’t have a Priority Pass lounge in case you are wondering if either of these lounges are available through that.

The lounge is open from 5:45 am until 8:30pm and the lounge just like the airport itself didn’t seem too busy from what I saw. Check in is done by the receptionist upon entering the lounge.

The lounge is setup in a galley style with seating on one side and the food buffet area on the other side. For VIP guests and first class passengers there is also a dedicated space that has been cordoned off.

The breakfast selection at this lounge included all the continental options, some beer, sparkling wine, and a small salad station. It was a bit odd to see that there were next to none bakery products in the lounge given that it is Europe, but that’s too much in terms of carbs anyway. While it’s nothing to write home about, it’s still pretty serviceable for a quick breakfast before your flight. You certainly don’t need to pay for breakfast at the Radisson Blu.

In case you don’t find space right where you enter the lounge (where most people are), there is a bit more space in the back, which is actually a bit more private. So always do your due diligence before settling for a spot. There are some nice sleeping recliners toward the end of the loune where you could probably have the maximum privacy.

That pretty much caps another forgettable visit to an airport lounge. Luckily, the gate wasn’t too far away (as is the case with most gates at Oslo Airport). It’s not worth missing your flight to any airline lounge and certainly not this one.


Overall, the OSL Lounge at Gardermoen is a pretty standard European airport lounge, which is extremely quiet. Internet in the lounge was free and fairly quick, which is always a plus for any lounge. There are no showers in this lounge though there are restrooms located at the back of the lounge (Credit to Henning Spjelkavik for correcting me with regard to this). Food selection is definitely a step down from the SAS lounge in the same airport (review coming soon). It’s pretty much an altogether ok option for a quick layover at Oslo Airport: nothing to complain about, but nothing to rave about either. 

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