Travel Photo of the Week: Love Thy Window Seat

I just don’t understand why so many people ignore the beauty of the window seat and completely ignore its greatest benefit above all else…..These are three reasons why I always choose a window seat on any flight:

  1.  I’m in control of the window shade and can see the views outside
  2.  I don’t have to get up when someone has to use the lavatory
  3.  I can lean on the wall as a reliable pillow for some shut eye.

While I have seen many take advantage of the last two options, I’m always shocked at the number of people who don’t take advantage of the best part of the seat: the view. Too often, I see passengers just watching their TV screens or gadgets just ignoring the outside world which unfolds every time a plane lands, takes off, or even while it is still in the air. A window is the very joy of flying. It’s a place to marvel at the ingenuity of flight, think about just how small world around us has become, and ponder the reality of the experience itself. It’s also simply a free aerial tour of the area you have just arrived or departed from. There should be no reason to go for those short helicopter rides which cost hundreds of bucks.

So please guys, do yourselves a favor and take a look out that window. There is nothing more amazing than simply seeing our planet from above ground and over the clouds.


This is an image I took recently while on descent into the Frankfurt Airport. As soon as I saw the scene with its wonderful greens, vibrant yellows, and thin clouds, I knew I had to get capture a piece of it for the scrapbook (in this case the blog). Here’s a lesson for you guys: even if you miss the plane landings when flying into US Airports (there are exceptions here too), don’t miss those morning landings in Europe.


Settings: ISO 50 | 16 mm | f 2.8 | 1/1250 sec

Equipment: Sony A7II | Sony 16-35mm f/4 | Handheld



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