Suits Star Appears in Brand New Air New Zealand Safety Video

Suits Star Appears in Brand New Air New Zealand Safety Video

Air New Zealand continues to be one of my favorite airlines around the world for many reasons, but I definitely think they make by far the best safety videos of any airline. I watch their safety videos and kind of wonder why more airlines don’t try to be a little more fun or creative with their safety videos. Most US Airlines just have drab videos with some special effects to make it seem like they are doing something different. I mean if you really want to keep the attention of passengers in as important of a thing as a safety video, you should theoretically try to make it interesting.

the wing of an airplane flying over mountains

Air New Zealand must also have a serious budget for its safety videos as it seems like they hired Suits Star, Rick Hoffman (aka Louis Litt) for their new rugby team safety video. I wonder what they offered him. I would certainly have gone for a lifetime of free flights on the airline lol

The ad shows the airline renamed as “Air All Blacks” to show their support for the New Zealand national rugby team. If you are not familiar with the team, let me just say that they are the most successful team of all time in terms of wining percentage. Hoffman of course takes on the persona of Louis Litt for the video does everything from firing employees to enjoying images of cats while being instructed to . It’s certainly dare I say a “cute” way to keep passenger attention. Check it out here:

My favorite video of theirs continues to be the Lord of the Rings ones (for obvious reasons).

Air New Zealand certainly an airline synonymous with quirkiness, hospitality, and innovation to a certain degree (they really need to get rid of those herringbone seats). Make sure you checkout some of their other cool videos on their YouTube Channel:

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