Vloggers Spend “4 days” Inside Singapore Airport After Missing Flight

Vloggers Spend “4 days” Inside Singapore Airport After Missing Flight

Just this month, it was huge news when a man got arrested for buying a ticket to wave his wife goodbye at the airport.  The law the man broke: Singapore’s Infrastructure Protection Act, states that anyone accessing the gate side areas in Singapore without the intention to fly may be fined up to 20,000 SGD (~14k USD) or imprisoned for up to 3 years. In recent times no less than 33 people have been arrested for breaking the law. Interestingly enough, a story which got less coverage was the time when two vloggers from the popular YouTube channel “Yes Theory,” spent an entire 4 days inside the Singapore airport, after intentionally missing their connecting flight. The vloggers were very well aware of breaking the law since they point to a placard clearing stating the law at passport control.

They pretty much go through the entire 4 days without much of an incident, beckoning the question: does the Singapore government discern who gets arrested or punished based on how well it serves them? Or were these vloggers just lucky?

I will admit that the thought has crossed my mind to spend more time at Singapore airport. Even if you don’t care about this question or story, their vlog does a great job of covering just how spectacular Changi Airport really is. And when it comes to best airport in the world, it really isn’t a competition.

No I’m not being paid to endorse Yes Theory here on this blog, but they certainly do some creative travel videos. If you don’t already watch their stuff, I would definitely recommend having a look. It’s certainly one of the vlogs I enjoy watching in my spare time. Stay tuned for my vlog’s tour of the airport (coming up soon).

Do you think Singapore Airport allowed Yes Theory to stay because it was a great marketing ploy? Or do you think they just slip by without being noticed?

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