Where will you travel to once this crisis is over?

There is no denying how rough life on house arrest is for everyone (not just a traveler). Many of us had plans, not just plans to travel, but to maybe go to the bar with friends or the restaurant with family or just going to the park to play a quick game of Frisbee. All of that, of course, drastically changed overnight for everyone.

With most of us being on house arrest (hopefully), it represents an opportunity to introspect. Of course a lot of questions that go through many of our minds have to do with what we will do differently after we emerge from this crisis in terms of spending time with family, work, exercise, or maybe financial management. There’s a lot of stuff we take for granted that we will hopefully appreciate more than ever after we emerge from this time.

Travel is of course something that many of us take for granted.  Whether it be that boring commute to work, the drowsy Monday morning flight to a client, or even just that trip to the grocery store.  There’s something to love about every aspect of our lives no matter how boring it may seem like at the time. I normally dread my daily trip to the gym, but now I miss it like never before.

Anyway, I know there are a few of us (a privileged few of course) who had to cancel or postpone travel plans. The crisis didn’t affect any of my travel plans (I had none), but it is certainly making me reminisce. During my time editing my images and thinking back on memorable times, I’ve realized that these are the two places I would love to visit or revisit when this ban is lifted: 

1.) Venice

Many people consider Venice to be smelly, crowded, touristy, and altogether overrated. I find it charming, picturesque, and altogether magical. I can’t say another city blew my mind more so than Venice when I first saw it. Every aspect of it is jaw dropping when you first catch a glimpse of it. My parents have never been, so I would to take them there and see their first impressions of the place. There’s good reason why it’s one of the most visited places on Earth and it deserves our support as soon as it opens back up for business.

2.) Ireland

I was going to say Switzerland is the second place I wanted to revisit, but my sister is here sitting next to me saying “boring.” Since I harp on Switzerland so much and bore you guys, I thought I would come up with a new place I’ve always wanted to visit. The Giant’s Causeway, Dark Hedges, Cliffs of Moher, Trinity College, and of course Dublin have all been places in Ireland on my bucket list to photograph for a very long time. If you happen to have visited, I would love to hear about hikes, landmarks, and landscapes to see as I plan a trip over the coming months at home. I don’t know when I’ll visit, but I would love your feedback on where to go on the Emerald Aisle.

What are your travel plans after this crisis has blown over? What are you most looking forward to? For me it is most certainly the gym…..


Thank you to all the healthcare professionals, truck drivers, grocery shop workers, and essential service men and women. You guys are truly the heroes of the hour. 


  1. Tim

    Having just come back from Venice two weeks ago and very healthy on my last night of a 14 day self quarantine, I conquer about the charm of Venice. It was and is a sight to be seen.

  2. George

    I’m still traveling now, why would I stop?

    Going back to the states on Wednesday, and then road tripping through the Southwest.

    Assuming South America is open in a month, heading there next.

    You guys act like people aren’t still traveling and living their lives normally.
    It’s so weird.

    1. I do hope you are following social distancing and quarantine protocol. Stopping travel is so that we slow down asymptomatic transmission of the disease. Not everyone comes back to isolate themselves from society (which is what I hope you are doing).

  3. If we have to continue the current quarantine for more than about another week here in the USA it will collapse our economy, jobs will be lost for 1/3 of the population and we won’t be doing much travel at all for a long time. Sorry to be negative but it is a reality at this point that the economic collapse could kill more people than this current virus ever will.
    I have plans to book a cruise to either Alaska or maybe in Europe. Also, have plans to go to Israel in late 2020 but we’ll see.

    1. Yeah I’m afraid that’s true, but we can’t have the hospitals get overwhelmed either with letting people move. The death toll would just skyrocket because we wouldn’t be able to treat people coming from accidents, drug ODs, pneumonia, cancer, appendicitis, and more. The cost of this halt in the economy is necessary.

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