Direct Link: AMEX 100k Platinum Offer (REFERRAL OFFER)

Direct Link: AMEX 100k Platinum Offer (REFERRAL OFFER)

So I know this deal has been beaten to death, but I just noticed when I opened my American Express account today that the referral link from my account is now to the 100,000 Membership Points Offer for the American Express Platinum Card.

I just signed up for this credit card a week ago (I do have a Business Platinum Card but not the personal card)

a screenshot of a card

So all existing users go check your AMEX accounts to see if you have the enhanced offer to refer your friends. This is a great opportunity to get geared for travel in second half of 2021.

Here is my link if you would like to use it without the incognito window tricks.

Apply for an American Express Card with this link. We can both get rewarded if you’re approved!

a screenshot of a website

Frequent Miler and the rest of the folks on BoardingArea already covered the deal, but the offer for most is only available to people opening the offer incognito. If you are having trouble getting the offer, I thought I would offer a direct link to it through my referral link. Yes I do get a referral bonus of 30,000 bonus points if you sign up, but I can only earn it twice a year.

So if you also see this referral offer on your AMEX Account feel free to add your link down below. As soon as my link is done, I will replace it with reader links in the order they are received below.





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