DFW to Toronto (YYZ): A Pictorial Journey

DFW to Toronto (YYZ): A Pictorial Journey

Ever since the initial phase of the pandemic has been put behind us by the vaccines, I’ve really come to appreciate air travel more and more each time. I already loved looking out the window endlessly just at random skies or the deep blue sea below, but now I’ve started to seriously enjoy photographing the scenes that are visible on a very “mundane” flight from point A to point B. Some of the shots I get simply by pointing my camera out the window are among my favorites. Yes my seatmates dislike me more and more because I literally never close the window shade. However when you see scenes like the ones below, how can you really not look out and admire it? Flying is something people take for granted way too often.

One of the routes I’ve frequented a lot recently is DFW to Toronto (YYZ). I took part in the Air Canada status challenge last fall and as an Aeroplan 75k member, I’m trying to make the most of those eUpgrades by using them for long haul travel via Toronto. This is a compilation of the some of the many scenes I’ve seen over time on this route. I’m sorry to all those people who prefer the aisle seat in case I inspire any window people to keep the window shade up more often.

Note: All images below were shot with my Sony A7RIV paired with my Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 lens. 

Seated on the Port Side of the Aircraft:

On a late Friday evening flight from DFW to YYZ (in September) the skies were absolutely perfect for some blue hour shots of airplanes taking off/taxing from DFW Airport.

an airplane on a runway

an airplane on a runway at night

Soon after takeoff we were greeted with some incredible views of the region’s other major airport: Dallas Love Field. It certainly looked more like a space station rather than an airport:

an aerial view of an airport at night

And then we flew straight over Lake Lavon, which looked fabulous in the evening light:

an aerial view of a city and water

As we were smoothly glided across the border between the US and Canada, we were greeted with incredible views of Detroit and the river by the very same name. The city looked like a CPU during the night:

aerial view of a city at night

As we crossed over and began our descent into Toronto, we were greeted with views of Pearson Airport on the port side of the aircraft along with the many highway arteries and veins flowing through the Golden Horshoe. Over the years, it’s really become one endless stream of lights as soon as you fly past Detroit.

an aerial view of a city at night

As we swung past downtown Toronto and made a turn to make the approach to Runway ____ at Pearson, I got my first glimpses of the Toronto skyline with the iconic CN tower featuring prominently:

a city at night with lights

Starboard Side Experience:

When seated on the starboard side of the aircraft one morning, I woke up to this view out the window of Lake Erie.

an aerial view of a land and water

And of course the huge benefit of this side is a close glimpse at the Toronto skyline just before landing at Pearson.

an aerial view of a city

You can even see the Bill Bishop Airport (YTZ) in all its glory with the centre ville. Oh how I envy those of you that have gotten the chance to fly into YTZ. It’s still on my bucket list of airports to fly into.

a city with a body of water


While DFW-YYZ is an ordinary and uneventful flight for most passengers, I’ve come to love a lot of it. As my nose was glued to the window each time, I have to say that about 70 percent of people around me were asleep or didn’t care about the scenes outside. I wonder how many rented a helicopter and did the same approach? It’s a bit frustrating to me especially when I don’t get my window seat on the few occasions I book super last minute. To me the highlight of this flight has to be that window seat. It’s truly the best entertainment you can find.

Let me ask you the never ending personality question: Are you a window seat or an aisle seat person? Why? If you’ve flown from the U.S to Toronto, what’s your favorite part of the flight?


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