$10 for a Diet Coke, Come on Hyatt!

Good Evening everyone,

I am currently at BAcon, and decided to spend the night at the Hyatt Regency Washington, DC Capitol Hill in hopes of getting slightly closer to the coveted Diamond status at Hyatt.

Anyway I was out on a long walk through Washington DC this evening and came back to the hotel room thirsty. Understandably because I spent way too much time standing there waiting for enough traffic to move by to get this picture:


Anyone who has read this blog, knows that I’m a DC addict (comics and coke 🙂 ) And so I went up to the Regency Club, only to find that it was closed. I came back to my room and opened the dreaded mini bar, and guess what? It was empty.


I then called room service who insisted on connecting me to a closed in room dining department each time. Oddly enough the same lady at room service picked up and said they were closed and hung up on me. I then proceeded downstairs to find that there was no one at the bar.

Tired from my adventures this evening, and I was about to call it a night when I decided that I best call the front desk to complain about the lack of a mini bar. The receptionist seemed nice enough and told me that she would have one sent up immediately. According to her they do not stock drinks in the hotel fridges.

Anyway I thought that the hotel would just charge mini bar rates for the diet coke, but the guy delivering the diet coke made me sign something that said $10. I had no energy to argue at that point so I just accepted the Diet Coke. I’m certainly going to cherish this one!

The most expensive Diet Coke ever. Wait it doesn’t taste any better?!

I do loathe minibars and their ridiculous rates, but it seems like not having them is a lot worse. I certainly hope that this isn’t a developing trend and I will definitely settle for a lesser evil. Charging 9 times the market rate for diet coke is downright absurd. Forget passenger rights, I think we need basic hotel customer rights now!

I am definitely missing the Marriott Marquis tonight, especially because the M Club Lounge there was open 24 hours for drinks.

Do you have any minibar stories to tell? 



  1. Bill

    Take this as an opportunity to rid yourself of soft drinks. I also loved DC but quit last year. Amazingly, I don’t miss it at all. Tasting DC now is not very enjoyable. Candy like milk chocolate now tastes too sweet – so it also cuts your sugar appetite. Sparkling water really hits the spot.

    1. I go through phases where I give it up and drink DC. I don’t drink any sort of caffeine (coffee or tea) so it fills that void for me. I agree I need to get myself off, though that’s easier said than done especially for a teetotaler like myself.

      lol If someone read this the political way it would seem like a pun…..

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