United Global First Availability to Asia for 4!

If any of you are interested in visiting Japan during the Spring, there is some great award availability for a family 4 to and from Tokyo-Narita at the end of April and beginning of May, and sometimes even into June. The availability seems to be most abundant out of San Francisco, and Chicago.

This is supposed to be a beautiful time to visit Japan, even though cherry blossom season will be over. Sasidhar and I did our around the world trip at the end of May, and weather was absolutely fantastic.


Anyway, I just thought I would relay this news because it’s often difficult to find seats for a family of 4. There are even more dates available for 2 passengers. I’m not as experienced as some of my colleagues, but I don’t remember it being too often that United released so many Global First seats.

This is from San Francisco:


This is from Chicago O’hare:


This back from Tokyo – San Francisco:


Tokyo – Chicago:



Availability on ANA First Class (For 2 people) to Houston is also available quite frequently for all of you looking for a fancier product:



Just as a side note, many of these dates also have N/S availability to Seoul as well from San Francisco, which is a short hop from much of Northern Asia:


And don’t forget that EVA Airways is releasing tons of space on its IAH-TPE flight:


Anyway this is a great opportunity to snag seats for the entire family to Asia. The cheapest way to book these are using United miles for the UA flights, Lifemiles for the ANA First Class flights, and Aeroplan for the EVA  flights.

This really makes me wonder about the future United’s 747s because those are the planes seeing the most availability.

What are your thoughts about what’s happening here?  Hope this helps someone somewhere!


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