How a Trump win will affect Travel


I was just taking a walk yesterday morning around the national mall thinking about how different Washington DC would be at the end of this week and how the election result can impact us travellers.

Regardless of whom you support personally, the travel industry seems to almost unanimously support Hillary Clinton

Here are some of the possible effects of a Trump Victory:

  • A weaker dollar – Your dollar will be worth less around the world.
  • Reduced competition and higher fares – Trump favours  protectionist policies, and this very much aligns with the policies of the Big 3 legacy carriers. If you look past their attempts at rationalisation, the carriers just want less competition.  And, don’t be so naive as to hope that even a penny of those increased earnings will somehow end up in your pockets.  They won’t.
  • Increased Oil Prices – The price of oil will likely spike making travel inadvertently more expensive.
  • More problems getting visas/travel papers – Given Trump’s rhetoric about certain regions, we may see some interesting consequences and perhaps longer processing times for certain visas and immigration papers.
  • Longer airport security lines – If Trump really considers firing certain TSA workers.
  • And, finally, a spike in airfares to Canada – when hordes of White Walkers Americans run to cross the Wall to the North (or rather fly over it)  Check out Air Canada’s tongue-in-cheek Ad about our plight.


Of course, in the end, no one is quite sure about what will happen, but one thing is for certain: Winter is Trumping 🙂

What are your thoughts about how a Trump win will affect travel? 


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