The Overcrowded AMEX Centurion Lounge @ DFW

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Sunrise at DFW

Our journey (like most people reading this blog) started off with a visit to the AMEX Centurion Lounge in Terminal D at DFW. It’s surprising that I haven’t written about the DFW Centurion Lounge yet considering that I fly through DFW 9/10 times I take a trip. However I am sure you guys appreciate that considering this is one of those lounge reviews that has been beaten to death on blogs. I’ll try to make this as interesting and short as possible without further beating the already dead horse.

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The AMEX Centurion Lounge at DFW is located across from gate D19, up a pair of escalators. In order to use the lounge, you need an AMEX Centurion/Platinum Card, or pay the daily fee if you don’t have one of those cards.

The lounge was opened back in 2013 to much applause among journalists, card members, and of course bloggers. Understandably so considering that the lounge offers gourmet food (including full meals), complimentary spa services, and showers. Crowding wasn’t an issue during the first few months after lounge opening.

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But as time has gone on, AMEX has become more forthcoming with Platinum card sign on bonuses and the lounge is no longer exclusive at all. So lately, overcrowding is an issue at the lounge, and some have even mentioned that they have been turned away because of how crowded it gets – I get this.

Here is a panorama of the lounge in the days before it got crowded:

Nowadays it isn’t even possible to stand here and let alone take a picture. Perhaps the design of the lounge itself lends itself to feeling crowded due to the corridor seating setup as seen above.

Service continues to be outstanding (at least it was for me) and the highlight of the lounge has to be the dining area for most people. The only problem is finding a seat is rather difficult before your flight departs. It’s perhaps made worse by the banking of flights at DFW.  On this particular day we were lucky to find a table, but a lot of people did leave complaining about the crowding.

It’s important to note that the DFW Centurion lounge has a very strong vegetarian food selection with most items being marked with a “V” for vegetarian or vegan. So kudos to AMEX for taking the minority into consideration when making the menu.

I do like to occasionally take a shower and my wait has always been surprisingly short even during peak times. There are in total 2 showers, which both offer L’Occitane toiletries (apologies for lack of pictures). As for the spa services, the wait is usually very long and luckily for me I don’t really care much for massages. What is 15 minutes really going to accomplish – other than feeding your twitter feed about how you got a free massage?

Bottom Line:

Despite being one of the largest Centurion Lounges in the AMEX network, the DFW Airport lounge is perhaps the most crowded. Despite the crowded nature of the place, service is usually fantastic, and the place is being maintained quite well.

Lately I’ve actually been preferring the newly renovated gate areas all around DFW for my waits and just occasionally step into the lounge for a quick shower and those lovely fresh cookies they put out. Don’t get me wrong here, it is easily the best lounge at DFW, but the crowd really takes away from the relaxing nature of the lounge.

And so: if you think that you are in for an exclusive “elite” lounge experience, you will be very disappointed. But hopefully you knew that going in because you will have read about it here 🙂



  1. r Hirsch

    i enjoy your posts because they always have an interesting twist versus the same old/same old that’s out there.

    fyi, i was a volunteer teacher in barwadih, jharkhand for 6 months. also, i bicycled all over india for 9 months.

    1. Teja

      Thank you! I try to make it as interesting as possible so that I don’t waste your time….

      Wow bicycling all over India is quite the achievement, unfortunately I can’t say I’ve done the same kind of justice to India. I am covering more and more as I make more trips that aren’t work related….

  2. James Moron

    I actually think that service has gone from outstanding (two years ago) to literally non-existent today. Rarely am I asked for drink choices and instead have to go to the bar. Plates are note collected from the tables, etc…

    They have managed to kill the value of the main reason I continue to renew.

    1. Sasidhar

      Sadly the overcrowding might be contributing to these inconsistencies in service. Service here is probably firmly in the YMMV category which is sad because it used to be consistently good.

  3. Marko Farion

    I’ve been going there since it opened. Crowding is an issue, but you can always find a quiet spot by the spa/computers. I travel 2x/wk and have a history of back problems, so a quick 15 massage helps to loosen the neck and lumbar area. I haven’t had a chance to get a “quickie” in almost a year – they are usually booked up for over 2 hours and my connections are never longer than that

    1. Sasidhar

      Yes, you can still find quiet spots away from the Black Hole of Calcutta that is the dining area. I can’t attest to the massages though: I often enter those massages feeling fine and walk away with a crick in my neck. 🙂

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