Devastation on One of the World’s Most Beautiful Islands

We’ve all heard about the devastation that has struck Houston, and it is saddening to see what the south end of the city has become after Harvey. But something we never expect is a tropical paradise to no longer be such a place almost overnight. Paradise is where we go to escape from the travails of real life and its many problems. I couldn’t help but think about my time on the island of Sint Maarten after seeing some of the pictures which are now coming out from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Sint Maarten is one of my favorite islands for its breathtaking scenery, iconic airport, world class food, and of course the hospitality of its people.

How can a place that looks like this:

Transform overnight into this:

If you want to see all of the pictures, check out this post by the St. Martin News Network on Facebook today.

Just looking at this video was gut wrenching enough this morning, but looking at these pictures now really hit home.

Just thinking about how the island had transformed in one night, really comes to show the fragility of life. It’s difficult to fathom just how much of an effort it is to pick up life from where it was left off after such an event. It reminds me of just how resilient humanity is given the fickle environments we live in. And of course more personally, it shows just how fortunate I am to have visited the island in all its glory and live far away from the path of the storm.

Our thoughts go out to the families affected by these hurricanes and more of the natural calamities happening around the world, tonight. Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery for the Caribbean and Houston.

How do you feel about seeing some of these images from Sint Maarten? It really saddens me to see Sint Maarten in this state.




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