Lufthansa Business Lounge – DFW: Packaged Snacks Anyone?

Lufthansa Business Lounge – DFW: Packaged Snacks Anyone?

After spending some time at the overcrowded American Express Centurion Lounge, I decided to be a loyal blogger and go over to check out the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge. The lounge is located in the Airline Clubs Suite near gate D21 along with the other international airlines serving DFW. Access is restricted to Lufthansa First/Business Class Passengers and HONS Circle Members. The lounge is only open from around noon to around when the flight leaves, which is 4:10pm.

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Once you step inside the airline club suite at DFW and take the elevator to the second floor, you will see a counter where your boarding pass is scanned and you are directed to the room where your lounge is located.

a reception desk in a building

The lounge was fairly crowded when I stepped in, but definitely did not feel as overcrowded as the Centurion lounge. It featured some decent views of the runway adjacent to Terminal D at DFW, and the tarmac of course, though the windows aren’t as huge as what you would find at the DFW Admiral’s Club.

The lounge is arranged in two aisles separated by a food island containing the largest selection of packaged snacks or junk food anyone could think of. It ranged from anywhere from Oreo Cookies to Chewy Bars to all kinds of chips. I guess you have to respect them for not cutting costs and just dumping a large pack of chips into a salad bowl for people to get on plates. As for the beverage selection, it was pretty much limited to a few wines, canned beer, coffee, tea, and soft drinks, which were all self serve. I did like that they had Diet Coke in lieu of Diet Pepsi instead of the opposite (like at the Centurion Lounge).

But seriously a kid entering this lounge might go mad if they saw all this junk food lying around 🙂 I say this because there were some moms there fighting with their kids over  having too many of these packaged treats.

Flight announcements are made by personnel who walk in to shoe everybody out of the lounge so there really isn’t any chance of you oversleeping in this lounge. Not there is much to sleep on per say. I was actually the last one out of the lounge because I fancied not waiting in line for the elevator (yeah those lines can get long when the flights are leaving).

Bottom Line:

There is nothing special about the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge at DFW, other than a plethora of packaged treats. However, it does tend to be quieter and more peaceful than the Centurion Lounge across the hall.I would personally return here if I had access and needed a quick drink or snack before my flight. It’s crowded, but definitely not as much as the Centurion Lounge. I do believe that there are showers located within the airline clubs area at DFW so I could also potentially take a quick shower before a flight. But if I didn’t want either of these things, I would rather just spend the time in the DFW gate area strolling around the rather bright , airy, and beautiful Terminal D (if I dare say so). DFW is overall a very good airport in all regards, and there really isn’t much of a reason to get cramped up in a lounge space for the short time you have.

What lounge do you prefer while at DFW? Stay tuned for my next segment, my flight in LH Business Class to Frankfurt. 



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