My Fourth Around the World Trip (India + Singapore)

After the misery that was Christmas 2021 (we all got COVID-19), and a rough fall 2022 where I was constantly sick from one virus to the next, things were finally looking up at the start of December. I was finally sickness free and ready to go on my first trip …

Lufthansa Economy Class DFW-FRA-BSL: Great Food, Horrendous Seat

I booked my flight to Switzerland using 30,000 United miles because they don’t add fuel surcharges on Lufthansa tickets, yet. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t fly business class all the time and certainly can’t afford to do so every time given how often I travel.

Lufthansa Business Class DFW to FRA – Mixed Feelings

Boarding began promptly at 3:15pm with the gate being a hodge podge of people trying to get on the aircraft. It’s always tough navigating to the front of the crowd or to the proper line because you are never sure who is flying business class and who isn’t.